Welcome to TFAI

Terra Flight Aerial Imaging specializes in the acquisition of large format digital aerial imagery and airborne LiDAR data. We provide our clients with the option of both manned aerial survey aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies. Let us decide which approach is best suited for your project.

Our facilities which includes offices and aircraft hangar, are located on David Wayne Hooks Airport just 25 miles northwest of downtown Houston. We routinely provide projects throughout Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas.


Highly Experienced Staff

The employee’s at TFAI has decades of experience in the aerial surveying and aerial photography industry. Drawing on this experience, we offer precise and accurate results for aerial data acquisition services. It is our commitment to our customers to provide high quality aerial imagery and LiDAR data sets in a timely manner at competitive prices.


Aerial Survey Aircraft

We operate specially modified, twin engine aerial survey aircraft which are excellent platforms for the acquisition of both low and high altitude aerial imagery and can be adapted for a full range of airborne sensors.


Digital Aerial Sensor

Terra Flight Aerial Imaging offers its clients the latest and current generation Vexcel Falcon, large format digital aerial sensors.

Products & Services

TFAI provides a variety of processed digital aerial imagery and aerial photography products to a large and diverse client base of professionals.

Digital Ortho Imagery

We offer a variety of deliverable products from true ortho imagery to planimetric and contour mapping.

Industries We Serve

We offer vertical format aerial imagery to a large client base from a variety of industries all over the South-Central US.

Hard Copy Products

We routinely provide a variety of hard copy aerial photographs which include, wall murals, graphics, dry mounting, framing and installation directly from our in-house graphics department.