Industries We Serve

Terra Flight Aerial Imaging provides aerial imagery projects to a large client base nationwide. The markets we serve include engineering related specialists who require accurate and timely vertical format aerial photography acquisition services. We provide our clients imagery from small UAV platforms to large format mapping sensors installed in specially modified aerial survey aircraft.

A small sampling of our service and markets include:

  • CONTRACT AERIAL SURVEY IMAGE ACQUISITION SERVICES –This is our specialty. Many aerial mapping companies across the US utilize contract aerial survey acquisition companies such as Terra Flight to obtain vertical mapping aerial imagery . TFAI provides contract custom acquisition services to a wide range of mapping clients based from all over the US and Canada.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING – TFAI provides aerial imagery in support of The Texas Department of Transportation’s engineering and mapping programs. Terra Flight Aerial Imaging is pre-certified to provide Aerial Photography services under TxDot category 15.03.01 Aerial Surveying and Mapping.

  • PETROCHEMICAL AND REFINING INDUSTRIES – Houston and the surrounding areas have the largest complex of refinery and petrochemical facilities in the United States. We routinely provide imagery for these projects across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

  • PIPELINE COMPANIES – Texas is home to the largest number of pipeline companies in the United States along with the necessary supporting engineering and construction companies.

  • LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS – Nearly all these entities use GIS based programs with aerial imagery from various public data sources. In some cases, a few of these public entities require new custom flown aerial data with specific requirements that exceed the specifications from the public data sources. TFAI participates in the acquisition and processing of aerial imagery for many local, state and federal governmental agencies.

  • ENGINEERING AND SURVEYING COMPANIES – Most civil engineering and survey companies use aerial imagery as a routine part for their business models. Many of these companies have acquired and now operate their own in-house UAV platforms for smaller sites. We continue to support many engineering and survey companies providing aerial and digital ortho imagery for larger sites that meets ASPRS Class 1 accuracy specifications.

  • COASTAL REMEDIATION AND RESTORATION PROJECTS – The Texas coastline spans nearly 400 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. At any given time, there are numerous projects underway to restore and renovate coastal habitats and beach areas which require current aerial imagery of these projects before and after reconstruction. TFAI provides these aerial projects that meet or exceed the Texas General Land Office’s specifications for digital ortho imagery.