Aerial Wall Murals

Many clients require delivery and installation of wall sized aerial photographs or aerial wall murals after the acquisition of new aerial imagery. These are typically displayed in meeting locations such as boardrooms for real estate development companies or safety meeting locations at petrochemical facilities. Wall murals are available in virtually unlimited sizes and scales and can include graphics as needed to meet client requirements.

All aerial wall murals shown in these samples were acquired and produced at Terra Flight Aerial Imagery in house printing facilities. No outside vendors were used. This gives us control of the quality of the aerial imagery, accuracy of the output scale and delivery schedule.


Example 1:

This wall mural was one of the delivery items as part of a large project provided to a master planning real estate developer. The overall project required the acquisition of 7 flight lines and 126 images of new vertical aerial photography at an altitude of 9,000’. In addition to the wall mural the 126 aerial images were mosaicked into a geo-referenced digital ortho image that was fully GIS ready.  The project area is approximately 300 square miles.

The overall size of the installed mural was 126 inches tall and 240 inches long at a scale of 1” = 500’. In addition this wall mural contained a complex set of graphics to customer specifications.

The overall digital ortho photography image is 42 GB with a pixel size of 9 inches GSD (Ground Sample Distance).



Example 2:

This aerial wall mural was provided to a Municipal Utility District (MUD). It is installed in the MUD conference room where monthly public meetings are held to discuss the many issues that arise routinely for a MUD District.

This wall mural also contains graphics and covers an area of approximately 100 square miles. The overall mural size is 96” x 118” at a scale of 1” = 500’.


Example 3:

This example of an aerial wall mural is installed in several locations of a mid stream petrochemical storage facility which is located in Southeast Texas. This aerial wall mural covers an area of approximately 140 square miles and its overall size is 96” x 162” at a scale of 1” = 500’.

In the example shown here, this wall mural is installed in the corporate offices in downtown Houston.

This same aerial wall mural is also installed in the customer’s corporate offices but is printed on a transparent material and displayed on a glass wall used as a room divider.

In this example, the same aerial wall mural is installed at the plant site location in a meeting room where safety and training meetings are held.