Petrochemical / Refinery

Terra Flight Aerial Imaging provides aerial photography services in support of the energy infrastructure industry all over the southeast United States. We routinely provide accurately scaled vertical format aerial photography as a useful tool that can be utilized for a variety of applications in petrochemical facilities.
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Lower Altitude

This image illustrates a low level flight of a recently completed major construction upgrade within the facility. The entire plant site was flown at low altitude to provide a pixel size of 1 inch in a digital environment. The typical hard copy scaled enlargement was produced at a scale of 1” = 20’ on a large 48” x 72” sized print.

Medium Altitude

The client required a newly updated aerial image that included all recently updated dock sites. Terra Flight Aerial Imaging also provided construction update photography during the plant site’s expansion. The delivery scale for this project was 1” = 100’ and a 6 inch pixel resolution was generated for digital applications.

Higher Altitude

In this example, the client required an area of approximately 100 square miles to be covered. The client was using a wall sized aerial mural and a seamless digital mosaic for planning emergency evacuation procedures and plume settlement modeling in the event of an emergency such as gas release for the entire area.