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There are two distinctive categories of digital vertical aerial photography commonly used by our clientele:

  • First; the aerial photography imagery is used in engineering or survey or GIS applications. (CLICK Here to go to Digital Ortho Imagery Page)
  • Secondly; the aerial photography imagery is only an image file used for general photographic information or for display purposes.

The specific difference in the two categories above is whether the images have been geo-referenced or ortho-rectified, or if the imagery is just a plain image file.

Note about the two images. They look identical. The difference is one of the images is just a single image in TIFF or JPG format. The other image is fully ortho corrected and georeferenced.


The first image is for engineering, surveying or GIS applications. Our clients who use this imagery are typically survey companies using it as an ALTA survey or an engineering company using the imagery for virtually any civil engineering application. In this image, each pixel has been assigned a coordinate value which is projected in the same DATUM as the survey or existing engineering digital files. This image is used in programs like AutoCAD for typical engineering applications, or in programs like ArcView or ARCGIS for GIS applications.

The second image is an standard vertical aerial photograph that many of our clients request when a photo of their facility or project is all that is required. This image is typically opened in a standard image viewing and editing program such as Adobe’s Photoshop, GIMP or Corel’s Paintshop Pro. These images can then be printed or plotted to a specific scale or size depending on client requirements. Additionally, these digital aerial files can have graphics added for image exhibits or displays as the client requires.

NOTE: The file size for a single RGB (Natural Color) image as shown in this example is approximately 1 GB.

Print Products

mtbelvieu-2Terra Flight Aerial Imaging has in house digital printing capabilities using both Epson and HP digital plotters, in widths up to 64 inches. In addition we utilize custom built graphics workstations operating with 128 GB of RAM giving us the capability to easily work with image files up to 64 GB in size.
We routinely provide our client base with scaled photographic enlargements up to a scale of 1” = 10’ as well as varying sizes of prints up to wall mural sizes of 120” x 240”.

Dry Mounting Services

Terra Flight Aerial Imaging also has in-house dry mounting capabilities up to 48” x 96”.



Making Your Aerial Photography into a More Valuable Tool

Adding graphics to an aerial photograph turns the image into a more useful tool. When graphics are required, Terra Flight personal works closely with each client to create a customized graphic package to enhance the aerial image.

Typical Graphics added on aerial photography are as follows:

  • Title Blocks – These usually include the client name and logo, date and scale of imagery, name of the project, etc.
  • Labels – This is virtually unlimited by adding streets, names of subdivisions, easements, rivers, creeks, Municipal boundaries, future developments and Right-of-ways etc.
  • For the Petrochemical Industry – Labeling tank and structures ID’s, unit numbers, rally points for emergency situations, street identifications, emergency stations such as eye wash locations etc. These make a great tool for safety meetings.

refinery zoom

With decades of experience, our highly trained staff is ready to assist you with your aerial photography needs.

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